With increased costs for breeding; wages, veterinary bills and supplies and new facilities, we have had to increase our prices.



We breed Australian Labradoodles in 3 size.  Standard, Medium and Miniature.  See "About Labraoodles' for more details on size, coats and colour.

Labaradoodle are relatively high energy dogs, they are very easy to train but do require both mental and psychical stimulation to help prevent unwanted behaviour. 




Sheepadoodles come in 2 sizes - Standard 20 - 40 kgs 

Miniature 12 - 20 kgs

Sheepadoodles are very high energy dogs, they require a lot of psychical and mental stimulation to keep them happy. They love hanging out with their families and enjoy making people laugh.  Very comical dogs.  

If you are interested in a Sheepadoodle puppy, do a lot of research into this breed, they have become very popular, but are a lot of hard work.  They still have a % of working dog in them.  



We breed Toy Cavoodles, 5 - 10 kgs

Cavoodles are lower energy dogs that love a lap to curl up on.  Fantastic with children and make great companions. Popular for apartment style living because of their size and nature.



our Toy Moodles are multi-gen,

3 - 8 kgs

Moodles are low energy dogs that love a lap to sit on.  Great with children and make lovely companions.  Very similar to Toy Cavoodles in temperament and size.  Both the Maltese and Poodle are considered non-shedding dogs.  



We do not Early Age Desex as it can cause health problems with growing pups, however as a condition of sale you must be prepared to sign a desex contract to agree to have the dog desexed between 5 - 9 months old.  
We will rebate $200 when this is done at the appropriate age and on proof from you vet.



Due to the high demand for puppies, we are no longer taking names for a waiting list.  Managing expectations and waiting lists has become very difficult and time consuming.  

We will offer a position on a priority list to people on our current waiting list, if there are any puppies available once they are born we will open applications on our website, an announcement will be made on our socials and website home page. 

 Feel free to follow along with a pregnancy, we will post the honeymoon, pregnancy confirmation and birth announcement.  If applications open it will be a week after the birth announcement. 



Our dogs are family members not just a family dog.  Once the puppies start to develop a personality, we can allocate each puppy to best suit their new family; we do this once the puppies have had their 6 weeks vet health check.

All puppies come wormed every two weeks, micro-chipped, vaccinated, flea and tick treated to date, 6 weeks pet insurance and a health guarantee. They also come with a detailed puppy info pack, toy & blanket with familiar smells from their mum and litter mates and support for the life of the dog.  

Our breeding dogs are tested for all relevant genetic diseases and we only breed dogs with the right ‘family companion’ temperament. We hip score most of our breeding dogs.  

Puppy play dates (if local) and a private fb group to share photos/videos of your pups adventures with other Belloui puppy families or just ask advice.  We have an Instagram account where we post very regular videos and photos of current litters for their families to enjoy (and others) while they are still in our care.

Once puppies have been born, had their first vet health check and a few days to settle in with mum a $1,000 non-refundable deposit is paid to secure a pup from that litter.  The balance is required after the puppies have been allocated at 6 weeks.  



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