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Oodle Generations

P - Purebred parent breed

F1 - st generation

F1b - 1st gen bred back to a parent breed

F2 - 2nd gen

F2b - 2nd gen bred back to a parent breed

F3 - 3rd gen

The Australian Labradoodle is many generations removed from the original Poodle x Lab cross.



In the mid 1970’s The Australian Guide Dog Association received an inquiry from a blind lady, requesting a guide dog that wouldn't affect her allergies.

This was the beginning of the development of the Labradoodle. Since then the breed has been developed over generations with the introduction of the Spaniel to develop the Australian Labradoodle. This gives the Australian Labradoodles the beautiful soft silky fleece coat.  

Because Labradoodles were bred as service dogs for people with allergies and special needs, they are incredibly intuitive dogs, they can pick up on your mood and know just what to do, this makes them very good with children (and adults) with Autism. And all with the added bonus of a lovely low to non-shedding coat that doesn't have a 'doggy' odour.  

File 4-9-17, 9 45 31 pm.jpeg


Standard Height at wither
53cm to 63cm. Weight: 20kg to 30kg.

Medium Height at wither
43cm to 52cm. Weight: 13kg to 20kg.

Miniature Height at wither
35cm to 42cm. Weight: 7kg to 13kg.

WALA size chart.png


Solid:  All one colour
Parti: More than 50% white with patches of another colour
Abstract: More than 50% of another colour with white as the secondary colour 
Phantom:  Body is a solid colour with tan and white symmetrical markings on face, chest and feet
Phantom/Tri Colour: Phantom colours and markings with white

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