We are registered Breeders with the  Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders - AAPDB 16236. Our property and breeding ethics have been approved by a certified vet and are of a very high standard.

Our Queensland Dog Breeder Registration: BIN0000888998133, a requirement by the government for all puppies bred in Queensland. 

We pride ourselves on breeding beautiful family companions.  All of our breeding dogs are health tested (males and females) and selected for temperament and coat. The puppies are all raised in our family home and well socialised with our other animals, children and adults.  We live on 13 acres, however our dogs are family pets and live inside our house with us.  We have 3 retired girls that live with us permanently, all of our current breeding dogs live in guardian homes. 

The puppies are exposed to all of the animals that live with us, including chickens, ducks, geese, peacocks and cats with a view of the horses and alpaca's paddocks.  They are used to all the usual household noises and plenty of outdoor noises from the animals.  We have lots of willing children that like to come and visit once the puppies are old enough to help get them used to the joys of human love. My children are also heavily involved.  

We run a guardian program for our breeding dogs, so they don't have to be kennelled.  They live with families as their cherished pet and come to us for breeding, where they live in our home with us while they are caring for their pups.  We find this helps give the dog that beautiful temperament a family dog has, plus it is a wonderful environment for the dog.  You can read more about our guardian program under 'more'.

Puppies are allocated to their new families once they have reached approx.  6 weeks old, so we have a chance to get to know them and match them to their new families lifestyle. This is also the age where their colour starts to changes if it is going to.  We breed a lot of therapy dogs, therefore this tempratment testing is critical, it also means you will have a dog best suited to your lifestyle, for a long and happy life together.   


Brookfield, Brisbane QLD Australia 4069

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