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Our breeding dogs are carefully selected from either one of our own litters or from another reputable breeder. They are the pick of the litter in both temperament and coat and will join our breeding program providing they pass all the health tests required.  We don't like to kennel our dogs, so we have them live with a family to help keep that beautiful temperament a 'family' dog has, where they are loved and cherished, as they should be.

As a guardian family you would need to be willing to bring the dog to us and/or our reproduction vet, Queensland Veterinary Specialists  (Stafford) when they are required for breeding purposes, otherwise they live with you as any other pet would. Our female dogs don't have any more than three litters each and once she has been retired (before five years old) she becomes your forever pet.

We keep our guardian families up to date with photos and videos of mum and pups while she is in our care, we understand how much our families miss their girls while they are away and try to do what we can to help assure you she is happy and enjoying her time with us and her babies. 

For a male guardian dog, he would only be required to leave his family for up to 3 days at a time, however it is often with only a weeks notice, sometimes even less, no more than 6 times a year and until he is 5 years old, when the contract finishes and he becomes your forever pet.


We do expect our guardian dogs to be crate trained, well socialised and obedient and for you to keep us informed about the dog while in our program.  We also ask you to commit to a puppy development clinic with our preferred dog trainer at your own cost.  

This is approx $300 

We understand this is a very big commitment, however we have found our wonderful guardian families enjoy being a part of our program, helping to improve the breed and bring joy to many more families.  Many keep in contact with the new puppy families and have play dates with mum and/or dad.   

There is a $1,500 bond on all guardian dogs. The cost for the puppy clinic is $305.  This needs to be paid before the puppy is collected.

If you would like to be considered as a guardian family please complete the guardian puppy application form and get in touch and we can discuss any questions you might have. 

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