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Breeding beautiful Australian Labradoodles, Moodles, Cavoodles and Sheepadoodles since 2011

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Our objective is to breed healthy, well-tempered, beautiful family companions.  We expose our pups to enriching experiences appropriate to their age and use temperament testing to match puppies to their new families to support the best fit of the puppy to your lifestyle.  We breed therapy and assistance dogs so temperament testing is vitally important for dogs that will continue on to be trained as an assistance or therapy dog.  All of our breeding dogs are health tested and selected for temperament and coat. We work closely with reproduction specialists and are guided by their expertise.  The puppies are all raised in a loving family home using the puppy culture and empowered breeder ethics and are well socialised with our other animals, children and adults. 

Follow us on Instagram to see daily updates of our puppies learning to be the best they can be. 

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The name BELLOUI is a combination of our children's names.  Our daughter Isabelle is called Belle and our son Louis, pronounced the french way (Louie) so when combined it's - Bel Loui.

Photo of our children Belle and Louis with our three retired pets, Milly 14 yr old Moodle, Zoe11 yr old Labradoodle & Winnie 8 yr old Old English Sheepdog 

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These are our girls Winnie and Indi, they live with us as one of our pets.  They both help socialise our puppies when mum is trying to wean and all they want is the milk bar with their sharp little teeth...  Winnie has completed her level 2 Therapy Dog Certification and Indi level 1,  so they can both help share the joy with their beautiful big smilies and adorable eyes.  Indi is currently in training to become my assistance dog. 

Many of the dogs we have bred have completed or are in training to be therapy and assistance dogs.  If you are looking for a dog for either of these roles please mention this on your application form as we look for very particular qualities in a puppy, to help them succeed. 

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Medium Australian Labradoodles

Maata had an ultrasound at QVS to confirm she is pregnant.  Pups due late January.  

These pups will be medium Australian Labradoodles weighing between 14 - 19 kgs.  We can expect cream, caramel, gold and red pups with fleece coats.  They will be on the larger side of medium 

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Miniature Australian Labradoodles

Mabel had an ultrasound at QVS to confirm she is pregnant.  Pups due early Feb

These pups will be miniature Australian Labradoodles weighing between 7 - 13 kgs.  We can expect chocolate, gold and phantom, possibly in parti/abstract, with wavy fleece coats.  

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Belloui Jasper the Superstar

Belloui Jasper will celebrate is 1st birthday 28 November 2022.  He has achieved so much in his short little life so far.  He spent 5 weeks with Therapy and Support Animals Australia when he left us at 8 weeks old, to prepare for his long flight to Japan and to be a lovely calm puppy to help his young human.  He achieved this the very first night he arrived and has continued to do so.  

This is a McDonalds Christmas add in Japan featuring our lovely boy Jasper.  he is a Miniature Australian Labradoodle.

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Medium Australian Labradoodles

8 girl and 2 boys born 22nd August 2022

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Minature Australian Labradoodles

Norma welcomed 6 beautiful puppies into the world 27 August 2022.  4 girls and 3 boys.

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 Maya welcome 2 girls and 1 boy into the world 31 August 2022

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We are registered Breeders with the Responsible Pet Breeders Australia - RPBA 4706, the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association WALA 0919-00910 and MDBA Master Dog Breeders & Associates 

Our property and breeding ethics have been approved by a certified vet and are of a very high standard.

Our Queensland Dog Breeder Registration: BIN0000888998133, a requirement by the government for all puppies bred in Queensland.

Belloui Holding Pty Ltd T/A Belloui Labradoodles 

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Due to poor phone service, the best way to contact us is either via email or private message us on our socials.  Happy to call for a chat if requested.

Brookfield, Brisbane QLD Australia 4069

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"Our labradoodle Ella is an absolute delight, she has a great temperament and non shedding coat. She has given our older cocker spaniel a new lease on life. Can't thank you enough Nicole for allowing us to be part of your canine family..”

Angela Bell

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"Thank you so much to Belloui Labradoodles, an exceptional breeder. Helpful advice from the beginning, responsible breeding with no kennels. My gorgeous Bella is absolutely perfect and as a first time mum, the continuous support has been invaluable. Would highly recommend.”

Laura Hand

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"From my first interaction with Nicole & her family, I knew we had found the perfect breeder. It was worth the wait to find our beautiful sheepadoodle boy � I can’t recommend them enough.”

Maria Karatzis

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"I have the most beautiful little black pup. Perfect with my ASD toddler and learned fetch after 1 week.”

Letitia Miller

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